Moritz Gretzschel - Moritz has been an enormous help in providing photos, information, and guidance in tracking down books. His photos of Murnau Bahnhof are present on this website as are his drawings of the Murnau Bahnhof and the Hechendorf Bahnhof.

John Oxlade - John's website,, is the reason for my huge interest in German railways. I've had a passing interest since my first visit to Europe in 1987, but John's site got me hooked!

Christoph Schneider - Christoph has provided valuable information on KBS 963. In particular, he has provided wonderful photos and a track diagram of Oberammergau that I have used as a reference for the plan I drew on this website.

Robert Brütting - Robert, like Christoph and Moritz, lives in Bavaria, and has provided lots of operational information on KBS 960 and KBS 963. He has also given me good information concerning railfanning locations around the Murnau area.

Dieter Hardt - Dieter is the plant manager of Hartsteinwerk Werdenfels. He has been very kind and generous with information concerning his business and how it was serviced by the railway.

Wendelin Lipp - Wendelin worked at Hartsteinwerk Werdenfels from 1963 until it closed in 2001. His primary duties were for the Seilbahn, which brought rock from the quarry to the plant. Wendelin, like Dieter, has been extremely helpful in providing information about the business he has been a part of for nearly 4 decades. On my trip to Germany in June, 2005, I finally got a chance to meet Wendelin. He showed me his museum display of the HWW Seilbahn, which is just outside Eschenlohe on an original section of the line that went under the A-95 autobahn.

Marcus Grahnert - Marcus has an invaluable website that contains all train compositions for IR, IC, EC, ICE, NZ, and D trains. Marcus has been a big help in getting information about other train compositions as well.

MBC Pfaffenwinkel eV - The fellas at the Modell-Bahn-Club Pfaffenwinkel in Peißenberg have gone to great lengths to make sure I get all the information I need for my research. On my trip in June, 2005, I went to their club for a visit, and came back with a knapsack full of literature! If you are ever in the Peißenberg area on a Saturday, stop by the main station and check out their club. You'll be glad you did. A great group of guys (and one very lovely lady!), and a very nice layout!!


Websites - The website to visit if you want information on Bavarian branchlines or on German railways, in general. The site has a great group of regulars that are more than willing to answer even the simplest (or most complex!) questions. John Oxlade is the owner of this website.

Drescheibe Online - A wonderful website that is great to monitor for the latest events on German railways. As is to be expected, this site is in German. However, with a little knowledge of German, and a little help from one of the many online translators, you should be able to navigate the site and glean important information. Great photos as well! Robert Brütting is the moderator on a couple of forums.

Hartsteinwerk - A site full of photos and information on the main industry on KBS 960 up until the late 90s. There is also an excellent description of the Seilbahn, which was used to move rock from the quarry to the plant. It is fairly new (as of February, 2003), and its content is still growing.

Arbeit in Hartsteinwerk Kieswerk für Facharbeiter - This is Wendelin Lipp's personal website. Again, it has very good information on Hartsteinwerk Werdenfels.

DB-Fernverkehr von Marcus Grahnert - This website has the compositions of every major train in Germany! It doesn't cover regional trains, but everything else is fair game.There is also plenty of other information concerning German trains.

Deutsche Bahn AG - Timetable - This website has the schedule for every train that travels through Germany - and a few that don't! This link will take you directly to the English query page. This site is a must for prototype modelers.


Books & Magazines

 Die Baureihe E69 - Die bayerischen Localbahn-Elloks und die Strecke Murnau-Oberammergau by Bernd Mühlstraßer

EK-Verlag, ISBN: 3-88255-169-0

Mr. Mühlstraßer continues his excellence with this new book! I was lucky enough to purchase this book in Oberammergau at Sporthaus Mühlstraßer, and had Bernd autograph it for me. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet with him. That will have to wait for another trip to Oberammergau. More information, more photos, station building drawings - more, more more! This book simply builds on Bernd's first authoritative book. The ultimate companion to the ultimate book (see below), and a "must-have" if you model KBS963.

 Inustrie und Natur - Zur Geschichte des Hartsteinwerkes Werdenfels im Murnauer Moos by Schloßmuseum Murnau (worked on by Brigitte Salmen)

ISBN: 3-932276-09-4

This book was given to me as a present from Wendelin Lipp, who had worked at the Hartsteinwerk Werdenfels. I understand that there are now fewer than 20 copies of this book available at the Schloßmuseum in Murnau, with no chance of a re-print. This book is the definitive text for information and history on the Hartsteinwerk Werdenfels. While I would obviously like more content on the use of the railway by the industry, this book goes into great detail about the industry itself. A great book, and a highly prized present from a gentleman who is very passionate about his time at HWW.

Murnau - Oberammergau und die E 69 by Bernd Mühlstraßer

GeraMond Verlag, ISBN: 3-932785-41-X

This is the ultimate book on KBS 963. Great information about the history of the line. Wonderful photos, and the all-important (to we prototype modelers!) track diagrams.

Die Lokalbahn Murnau - Oberammergau by Ralf Roman Rossberg

EK-Verlag, ISBN: 3-88255-830-X

This is another great book on the Murnau - Oberammergau line. Focuses more on the early history of the line. Great photos. Contains tables on things such as line gradient.

E 69 - Geschichte der bayerischen Lokalbahnelloks by Andreas Braun & Florian Hofmeister

Verlag Florian Hofmeister, München; Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum e.V., ISBN: 3-88563021-4

This book focuses more on the E69s than it does on the Murnau - Oberammergau line. Filled with good photos and technical information on these tiny locomotives. Lots of "Fahrpläne" (timetables), including some for the Passion Play.

Karwendelbahn München-Garmisch-Partenkirchen-Innsbruck by Siegfried Bufe

Bufe-Fachbuch-Verlag, Egglham und München, ISBN: 3-922138-45-4

This book focuses on KBS 960. It is full of photos and information about the line, although I feel it focuses more on the line south of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It does, however, have some good information about the Eschenlohe area that I required.

Die "Neunundsechziger" - von den ältesten Loks der Bundesbahn

"Eisenbahn Kurier", January, 1982 by Ralf Roman Rossberg


A very good article by Mr. Rossberg. It is interesting to read an "up-to-date" article almost 20 years after the fact. This is a good complement to Mr. Rossberg's book.



 Die Ammergaubahn - Lokalbahn Murnau-Oberammergau by Heinz Göttlich

DVD - 45 minutes. German narration.

This video does a very good job of describing KBS963. It takes you on a tour of each station, starting at Murnau and ending in Oberammergau. It also give you some history about the line. Most of the actual video was filmed shortly after the 425s took over the line. However, it does have some video at the end of the 141s pulling Silberlinge! Several black-and-white photos are also shown from the various books mentioned above. All-in-all, a very good reference video!

 Bavarian Railways - Volume 1 (#124) by Trans Europe Enterprises

VHS or DVD - 80 minutes. English narration.

This video covers both KBS 960 and KBS 963 very well. It contains lots of great footage of Murnau Bahnhof, giving you a very good idea of the type and composition of traffic in 1994, which is at the very center of the period I model. In addition to lines from Murnau to Mittenwald and Murnau to Oberammergau, the video shows the line from Tutzing to Kochel, the line from Garmisch to Kempten, and the Zugspitzbahn. A very good video with lots of action.

 Bavarian Railways - Volume 2 (#127) by Trans Europe Enterprises

VHS or DVD - 80 minutes. English narration.

This video, while not covering the area I model, is worth mentioning here. It covers the lines from Munich to Salzburg. Beside the mainline, it also covers such places as Berchtesgaden, Ruhpolding, the Schiefe Ebene ramp, Regensburg, Nürnberg, and the Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg Dampflok Museum. A great complimentary video to Volume 1.