Track Plan of Oberammergau Bahnhof

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Track Plan

The current track plan at Oberammergau Bahnhof.


A view from the driver's cab prior do departure from Oberammergau.

A Regionalbahn waiting for departure from Track 2 in Oberammergau Bf.

The waiting room of the main station building is on the left.

The Ammergauer Hof, which is right next to the main station building.

From left to right: Main building with waiting room, parking lot, and the hotel, Ammergau Hof.

A photo of the station from across the street. On the left is wonderful little restaurant.

What appears to be a warehouse of some sort.

A storage shed located just to the left of the warehouse in the previous photo.

Part of the Guterschuppen at Oberammergau Bf.

A coal and heating oil business next to the Guterschuppen.

A view of the post office directly across from the station.