Track Plan of Murnau Bahnhof

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Track Plan

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Now & Then - The plans below show how the Murnau track plan has changed since the DB took control of the Murnau-Oberammergau line from the LAG.

The current track plan at Murnau Bahnhof.

The track plan at Murnau Bahnhof when the Lokalbahn AG used different voltage than that of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.


1) The front of the Murnau Bahnhof sometime in the winter of 1993-94.

2) View from the island platform, across tracks 1 and 2, of the station building ('93-'94).

3) View of the goods shed from the main platform ('93-'94).

4) A southbound RB (left) and an Oberammergau-bound RB prepare for departure as seen from the platform for track 1a.

5) A view of track 1a, which is used as an uloading point for RBs coming from Oberammergau.

6) A view of the loading ramp next to track 1a.

7) A view of the signals on the south side of the station.

8) The final signal heading south out of the station.

9) A view from the platform of the old LAG station.

10) A view of one of the freight sidings and goods sheds.

11) A view in front of the old LAG station, looking towards the platforms.

12) The sidewalk that leads under the tracks.

13) Just outside the old LAG station. Tracks lead to KBS 963 (r) and the lokschuppen (l).

14) Looking back towards the old LAG station building.

15) Near the Lokschuppen. Overlooking (l-r) the double tracks of KBS 960, KBS 963, and entrance to LAG station.

16) Murnau's Lokschuppen. Torn down in September 1992.

17) A view of the back of the Lokschuppen.

18) A view of the Murnau Ort waiting shed. Note the "Murnau Ost" sign.

19) A view of (l-r) the double tracks of KBS 960 below, the Murnau Ort platform, and the Lokschuppen.

20) Looking across the bridge in the direction of Oberammergau at Murnau Ort.

21) Another view across the KBS 963 bridge. KBS 960 is seen below.

22) Just below Murnau Ort, looking across the road at the double tracks of KBS 960.

23) A BR 113 speeds south with a train on KBS 960 with the KBS 963 bridge in the background.

24) Looking towards Murnau Bf and the beginning of the Hechendorf Ramp.

25) A view of the Murnau Bf. Entering from the north.

26) A view across the freight tracks. Note the semaphore no longer in use.

27) A view of the north end of the station from the main platform.

28) A view of the north end of the station from the platform between Track 2 and Track 3.

29) The front of the Murnau Bf. during the summer of 1999.

30) Another view of the station building in 1999.

31) Yet another shot of the main building in Murnau. Note a hint of the BR E69 04 at the far right.

32) A view of the main building from the platform for Track 2 and Track 3 in the summer of 1999.

33) Another view of the main building in 1999.

34) Yet another shot from the platform for Track 2 and Track 3 in 1999.

35) A view of the good shed and the north end of the main building in 2001.

36) The bicycle racks and cover just across from the Guterschuppen. (6/01)

37) The north end of the goods shed and the end of the loading platform (6/01)

38) The scale at Murnau Bf. (6/01)

39) The scale house. (6/01)

40) The E69 04 sitting just outside the main building at the Murnau Bf. (6/01)

41) The underpass at the north end of the station. (6/01)

42) The DBAG maintenance shed. (6/01)

43) The entrance to the DBAG facility. (6/01)

44) The electrical substation at Murnau. (6/01)